Can you use two different products on your face?

This can be done, but it must be admitted that it is complicated. The products must be carefully selected and some time must elapse between the layers to prevent them from accumulating. At Circcell, we believe that if you apply too many layers, your skin won't get the full benefits of every product you use. Another smart way to get multiple benefits without using multiple products is to find a serum that contains more than one ingredient.

beneficial. What I suggest looking for is a complete serum that ultimately benefits your skin in more ways than one. For example, these exfoliating acid serums include ingredients such as glycerin, allantoin, and aloe to soothe and moisturize, and offset any potentially irritating effects of acids. Or, you can look for a retinol serum that includes anti-aging peptides to improve the formula's overall firming effect, as well as moisturizing ingredients to make it easier to tolerate.

Learn the basics of Korean skincare, from the products you should look for to the steps to take to have excellent skin. Skincare reviewers make it easy to understand all the ingredients in the products, as well as the safety and efficacy of those ingredients. BeautyRX has its own “Rx” number system. To keep things simple, each product has a specific number.

The argument in favor of using a single skincare line is often to increase the effectiveness of products. We asked the experts if you should exclusively use a single skincare line or mix and match products. In general, apply sunscreen first and then apply the products from the lightest to the heaviest (for example, you may have some star products for a long time, but you may be curious to learn about the latest advances in skin care research and like to try new products to refresh your routine). There are drugstore products that claim to be comparable to those in professional lines, but they may contain a lower level of active ingredient. When you start layering your skincare products, the best rule of thumb is to start with the lighter product.

One thing to be careful with when it comes to applying layers of any product, including face creams, is to not use things that irritate the skin too much. Buying skincare products can be overwhelming. In addition to the wide range of brands sold in physical stores, there are even more options online. Her practical experience as an aesthetician and trusted skincare expert has created a real solution: products formulated for nine different skin types so that your face gets exactly what it needs to look and feel its best.

This is another question I get on Instagram at least a couple of times a week, so I wanted to share with you my current skincare routine, including the order in which I apply my products. The biggest benefit of using products from the same brand is that they're formulated to work well together. It's okay to mix brands, just make sure you have the right basic products to improve the rest of your routine and increase the effects of your other products.

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